Up next Sebring FL 14 hours on the full track!


24 September 2011
Sebring International Raceway (Sebring, FL)
The 14-Hours of Sebring

Video of the car at CMP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9dSaaUhKiE&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL


One Response to “Up next Sebring FL 14 hours on the full track!”

  1. aar24hceo Says:

    Just to give a quick rundown on what the car needs before the race.

    2 clutches. One nice racing clutch plus an OEM clutch for a backup.

    As you know we have 3 transmissions for the car. All of them are leaking from the front seal. I want to fix 2 of them. It requires taking the transmission apart just to change the seal.

    The car currently has a bad head gasket. This is the 2nd failed head gasket on the car. I want to have the head resurfaced before the race, and do some research for a better headgasket than the OEM ones that were on the car.

    New set of front brake pads….another set of Hawk Race pads that are on the car.

    4 new tires

    Because some of the race will be at night, we will needs lights for the car.

    Camber kit for the front suspension.
    Larger front swaybar…. even of I have to make one from scratch. The car needs to have less body roll.

    Front splitter would be nice to have….especially for the high speed corners that are at Sebring

    Be thinking of a theme for the car…. I don’t care what it is, as long as it includes the teeth that are currently on the front of the car.

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