Detailed Update with less than 2 weeks to go


After spending a weekend with the car getting an Accord radiator to fit in our tiny CRX I thought I would give a complete list of what still needs to be done and what’s finished…. a checklist of sorts.

We now have a 3rd CRX. It’s a 91 si with rear disc brakes, 17-inch wheels and a racing steering wheel. The best part…. It was FREE. This car came to us by a friend of Justin’s. The engine is blown and out of the car and still near Tallahassee. The plan is to have what’s left of the engine and transmission to my house this coming weekend.

1991 CRX si

1991 CRX si

Brakes: I’m getting closer and closer to just running the stock front calipers. I am hitting dead ends everywhere I turn. I even have a set of Type-R Integra front calipers, but I can’t manage to find a bracket to make them work. Building one is out because the tolerances are just to close without a machine shop. If we go with the stock brakes, we will have 3 sets of calipers that we can burn up. If the Type-R’s get mounted there will be no backup. Whatever we go with, we still need rotors and pads. I suggest we go with a racing rotor and pad.

In the rear: Still need to move the discs off the 91 to the racecar. Replace the pads and rotors with OEM stock stuff. Not near as important as the fronts.

With the addition of rear discs we will also need to move the Master cylinder and the Brake equalizer from the 91 to the racecar.

Radiator: Currently the car has a 94 (I think) Accord 2.2L radiator. It took too long to make it work, but it’s in there. We have no backup. The small aluminum one that came with the 89 si has a leak and the 91 si has issues also. Chuck do you think you can help here? Can be no more than 17 inches tall and 30 or so wide. Another cheep small aluminum would be great (ebay) or another used Accord would work…as long as the car doesn’t get too crunched in the front end. That’s why I believe a smaller one should be in the backup plan


Seat belts and seat: I’m not real happy about the way the seat fits because we can’t slide it all the way back, because of the roll bars. I’m 6’2” and have plenty of room with it all the way back. The problem is… without the ability to slide it back as far as it can go it will make getting in and out of the car more difficult. The brackets are welded in for the seatbelts. The seat is not yet in the car because we still need to weld the bracket for the window net.

Belt brackets

Racing Seat

Rear wing: Still working on a way to build a fully adjustable wing from inside the racecar. This has proved to be more difficult that what I ever imagined. This will be put on hold until everything else is complete.

Paint and theme: Have the materiel for the tail and wing just haven’t had time to work on it. The paint will happen; we just need to finish the car first! The car numbers will be completed before the race. Trying to have them create a sticker with the flying teeth….. not sure if they can… I will find out later today.

Fire extinguisher: We have a bracket but it’s not mounted. Still need to purchase a fire extinguisher….. A:B:C extinguisher, 2.5 lbs or larger. Ken will be bringing another one for fueling on Pit Road.

Brackets: Still need something to mount a radio and camera to the inside of the car.

Radio communications: Chuck are we good to go here?

Tires: With the 91 si we have a set of 17’ wheels. The racecar has 16’ currently. We will be doing our best to match the rollout (Height) of the 16’ before we order a new set of 17-inch tires. This needs to be done this week. Cost around 350 dollars.

Radiator Backup
Rear wing
Paint and theme
Fire extinguisher
Cotter pins Front suspension
Tidy up the wiring around driver….rest of the wiring is clean

Any questions please ask…. We are running out of time.




6 Responses to “Detailed Update with less than 2 weeks to go”

  1. aar24hceo Says:

    If we go with 215/40-17 tires the 16’s and the 17’s will be almost the exact size?

    Yokohama AVID H4S 89.00
    Kumho Ecsta AST 76.00
    Sumitomo HTR+ 80.00
    Kumho Ecsta ASX 74.00
    Yokohama 95.00
    Yokohama Parada Spec-2 94.00
    Sumitomo HTR Z II 73.00
    Fuzion ZRi 83.00

    I simply can’t afford to buy all 4 tires on my dime. Total cost will be around 362.00 or about 60 per person.

    How do we work this out?

    I need to order them ASAP

  2. aar24hceo Says:

    The car also needs an alignment after the tires get on.

  3. aar24hceo Says:

    I like these better.

  4. aar24hceo Says:

    Or these

  5. cbear3 Says:


    Any tire is good with me, I’m just hoping to keep the car running all weekend and out of the penalty box. After we’ve caught up on the bills from the build we can look at some real track tires.

    On the radiator, did you modify the car or the radiator to make it fit? If another Accord radiator will drop in then that’s a good idea. If we’re going to have to widdle on it like you did the first time maybe something a bit smaller is in order.

  6. aar24hceo Says:

    Yes we had to cut about 4 inches of sheet metal to make it fit. Plus we cut the bracing out of the hood also.

    I guess another Accord one would work. If the front end gets too smashed up we will just get a bigger hammer to bring it back to it’s original size.

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