Training Vid


For those looking for a lap around CMP in LeMons form, here’s one.  if you’ve look at the track map, you’ll notice they used the squared off versions of 12 and 13, and the triple apex version of turn 1.  Also notice the chicane on the front-stretch.

One of the things that I’ve read is a particular no-no is trying to jump in front of everybody at the chicane.  It sounds like it can bottleneck pretty bad there, and inevetibly somebody tries to pull the lane closed ahead trick and jump to the front of the line…that kind of behavior can get your car crushed early.  Remember the chicane is there to slow cars down on the run down to turn 1.  Work on making passes by getting off of T14 good and clearing your competitor early before the chicane, or getting a good launch out of the chicane to be inside them before the braking zone for T1.  Don’t try to out-brake somebody heading into the chicane! (Especially with CRX brakes).

12 Responses to “Training Vid”

  1. aar24hceo Says:

    With only one left turn in the track we will only be running negative camber on the driver side of the car.

    We really need better brakes.

  2. cbear3 Says:

    Yep, we’ll probably abuse the LF a lot so we out to be thinking about rotating tires across the front end to keep our costs down.

  3. cbear3 Says:

    Wow, I really spelled ought, out…Maybe I belong in the Carolina’s after all.

  4. Brian O'Neal Says:

    I still believe we need a complete extra set of tires and wheels. Your right about rotating the tires around to the front left. I guess we don’t need directional tires then…. We currently have 4 directional tires on the car now.

  5. cbear3 Says:
    For next time 🙂

    We might be able to sell the pimpin gold wheels and pick up two sets of stockers with the cash we got. And we could weld propeller blades into the wheels to go with the theme. I’m all for the paintball guns, but only after the People’s Curse, and only off track (might be a bit slippery). In fact, maybe we can let guys take aim at the victim of the People’s Curse for a small fee.

    Are you guys planning on doing the Testing day on Friday? If so then i’d say it’ll definitely be necessary to have a complete extra set.

  6. aar24hceo Says:

    “pimpin gold wheels”….. that is too funny.

    Stock wheels were only 13 or 14 inch. That’s not going to work with larger front brakes.

    LOL I love the paintball ideas.

    Yes I would like to test on Friday. If we don’t test then we will have people going out on the track in Green flag conditions in a car they have never even driven before. I don’t like the sound of that. The problem is it’s just more money (200) to test at the track. This is getting very expensive. I believe the car will have a valid license plate and insurance when we go to the track. If so, then we can all just drive it around the streets, just to get accustom to the feel of it.

  7. cbear3 Says:

    Nice, a licensed crapcan 🙂
    I was wondering, is it $200 for the team or $200 per participant?

  8. Brian O'Neal Says:

    It’s 200 for the Car.

    CMP-Hosted Friday Track Testing

    See an entry form at or (under Turn One Track Day). They’ll charge you $190 if registered two weeks prior to event and $225 after. For more info contact Sylvia at or 803-475-5006.

  9. cbear3 Says:

    I hadn’t gotten around to emailing to ask.

  10. cbear3 Says:

    Looks like they didn’t use the tire chicane in the spring, the brakes may be an even bigger issue now getting into turn one. They took it out at stafford this past weekend too and I’ve heard guys grumbling about how they wished they’d spent more money/attention on brakes.
    And I just noticed that the brake and fuel system isn’t included in the 4500 budget! I’m a bit slow.

  11. Brian O'Neal Says:

    Out of all the things that need to be completed with the car I must say the brakes are still a bit of a mystery to me. There is not a day that goes by where I am not trying to come up with an inexpensive solution to this problem. Everyone must keep in mind that Brakes and the Head gasket are by far the biggest reasons why CRX’s don’t finish this race. We really haven’t addressed either issue.

    I am sure we will bring a head gasket kit with us to the track.

    What “fuel system” are you referring to?

  12. cbear3 Says:

    I wasn’t concerned with our fuel system, I just read through all the rules in case they have an event in the midwest next year and realized that if i needed to put in a fuel cell or whatever i could.

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