If you build it they will race it.


From the office of Brian O’Neal:

I am really excited about the response we’ve gotten so far from the American Aggression Racing GPRO team. Having the full support of AAR will make this truly an experience of a lifetime for all that are involved. I hope we can get as many members as possible to not only driver the car, but attend the race.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done.

-Brian O`Neal

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30 Responses to “If you build it they will race it.”

  1. Ken O'Neal Says:

    We also have pictures of a CRX (without engine and transmission) that already has a roll cage ($200). The preliminary plan is to move the engine and transmission from the car pictured above to the roll cage CRX. If that can be pulled off, the next big item will be the racing suits, racing harness, and seat, etc.

  2. danielnharris Says:

    Brian… Yes you are 🙂 and Ken that is very cool. Will there be any problems with the $500 limit with the two cars?

  3. Brian O'Neal Says:

    No… We should have no issues with the 500 limit. The 200 for the other car is really just for the roll cage. Safety items don’t have a dollar cap.

    This is the link to the car with the cage. Dwayne is going to try and see the car today or tomorrow and get some more pics of it. This is truly a blessing to find this car.

    My plan is still to get the yellow car this Sat and have Dwayne to give the guy 200 for car 2 and I will get it next Sat.

    At this pace we could be at the race track in a month, but we have missed the deadline for the first race….. Coming back to reality for a min… There will be a ton of work involved before it would be considered “Race Ready”.

    We are now at a point of no return.

  4. Brian O'Neal Says:

    Link to the Roll Cage car.


  5. Brian O'Neal Says:

    What would be the best was to get every members Zip code? This would be a great way to search for parts on craigslist. Then we could have our members check out parts for us. There is really no telling what all we will need…. but this would be a huge help.

  6. Chuck Kleinhagen Says:

    You know, I could probably make monthly donations… I don’t have bundles of cash now but it might lower the burden some as we go.

  7. Brian O'Neal Says:

    Ok…. the CRX with the Roll Cage is home and safe at my house. I will get some pictures of it in a couple of days. I actually shot a video of the car, but it was 1.3gigs… little large to post. Now we still need an engine and transmission for it. I am surprised that the body is in decent shape. The Roll Cage looks great in the car. I am so excited about all this. I have been looking at engines for hours and hours every day, but have found nothing. I am really going to need some help expanding my search. I would love to have a DOHC V-TEC 1.6 B16, but I am afraid they are just too expensive.

    We missed the car that runs. The 16 y/o prick sold it the day I was going to get it. I guess we need to remove the pictures of that car.

    Chuck any Donations would be fantastic!!! I guess we need Daniel to chime in on this so we can get something setup. Can we count on you to be one of the drivers?

  8. Mark Benning Says:

    ok my zip is 46112

  9. Michael Almon Says:


  10. Chuck Kleinhagen Says:

    Sure thing…64029

  11. Chuck Kleinhagen Says:

    I’m anal enough about safety that I’d probably do my own equipment (and my head’s the size of a frickin pea so its not like I’d be able to share with too many people). But if any of it fits anybody else I’ll definitely be sharing.

  12. Michael Almon Says:

    I demand everyone measure their heads!!!!!!! Well, the possible drivers anyway, any chance we can be able to share equipment, helps with costs

  13. Brian O'Neal Says:

    I am sure that some equipment will need to be shared. I have become convinced now that we need a complete running car that we can take parts off of. We just need too many parts other than just an engine and a trans. I believe that car we need is a 1990 to 1993 Acura Intrega with a manual shift trans. The engine would work perfectly in our CRX plus we can use the brakes off of it as well, along with many other parts. Remember our CRX is a 1991, so we need to get something close to that year so the wiring will not be such a pain. An even better option would be another CRX with a DOHC engine already in it….. DOHC being the key word here. I really need you guys to help me look for one. Remember we don’t care if it has a title or even been wrecked. I would actually prefer a wrecked car, because at least I knew it was running at the time of the accident.

    We need to get the other pictures of the Yellow car down…. because it Gone. This is pictures of the car we have right now with the cage.

    Give me your thoughts.

  14. Matt Blager Says:

    I’m at 61102

  15. Matt Blager Says:

    I would like to be part of this and it does sound like alot of fun. Keep in mind though it’s been about 10 years since I raced a sports car.

    I’m sure that I would be fine and the biggest difference between cars and motorcycles is the intensity. It took me a couple years to adjust to racing motorcycles and how nuts the starts are. By comparison a rolling start with rows of 2 in sports cars is almost a yawner.

  16. Brian O'Neal Says:

    Matt I just have a feeling that 90 500 dollars cars on a 1.3 mile track for 24hours would be intense. Just trying to keep the fenders on the car will be difficult enough.

    My father has connections with a guy that buys cars at auctions in Peoria Illinois…. he lives in south GA, but is doing some consulting there. This may be our best shot at locating our 1990 to 1993 Acura Intrega with a manual shift trans. I am still looking everyday on Craigslist for something around my home, but have come up empty so far. I have found one in Atl, but it’s a little over our budget… it’s 750 dollars and still 5.5 hours away.

  17. Matt Blager Says:


  18. Matt Blager Says:





    that one sounds like it might be fast

  19. Brian O'Neal Says:


    I will be picking up the other car TODAY from Savannah. It’s a 89 CRX si with a ZC SOHC engine. The clutch is shot and the valves need adjusting, but other than that it should work out just great. It’s going to cost us 400.00 so now we have 600.00 total invested in the 2 cars. I know the limit id 400.00, but this includes the roll cage, so by all accounts it’s still a 400.00 car all day long. I am so excited… I can’t wait to change the engine and all the other stuff we need, into the car with the cage.

    What do you guys think??

  20. Chuck Kleinhagen Says:

    Looks like we’re on the right track!

  21. Matt Blager Says:

    Looks great but that radiator has to go

  22. Michael Almon Says:

    Awesome looking car!

  23. Brian O'Neal Says:

    LOL…. I don’t know what’s up with that radiator, but it seems to work fine. It will make a very nice spare.

    This weekend I spent some time with the car assessing some of the issues. First off the alternator is making terrible noises. The brake calipers in the front are leaking and need to be rebuilt. If we cant afford real brakes for the car I will rebuild the ones on the car for a spare and just purchase new calipers to race with. I adjusted the valve lash for all the valves…. it seemed to quiet the valves some, but at a high RPM they make noise. I believe it’s because the timing is too far advanced. I just ran out of daylight to confirm that. The clutch is shot, but it will need to be replaced anyway. Rear main is also leaking, but that’s easy to do when the engine comes out…. plus inexpensive.

    All in all the motor seems very strong with NO real concerns and NO smoke. I told Ken, I believe it will take my SHO in the quarter mile if the clutch was working properly.

  24. Brian O'Neal Says:

    On April 17-19 we will be putting the engine into the race car. lots of parts will need to be purchased before the swap can take place. Clutch is the big one, but we will also need some engine seals.

    Should be a fun weekend in Southeast GA.

  25. Craig Cochrane Says:

    Fantastic story!! I hope to come see you guys race (I live in NC). Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

  26. Matt Blager Says:

    The road tests looked promising. How are the brakes?

  27. Brian O'Neal Says:

    Matt…. the brakes SUCK right now. A lot of work between now and the race will be centered on the brakes.

  28. Jeremy Davis Says:

    wow guys. i wish i wasn’t stuck in iraq right now or i would have volunteered to be a driver in a heartbeat. i would at least come down to see you guys race for sure. i live in NC as well.

  29. aar24hceo Says:

    Jeremy if your in Iraq, your doing something noble for all of us Americans. That’s much more important than this race car. Besides I’m sure we will be back in 2010 for some more.

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